An Introduction to the Drupal Features Module

Most of the people get confused when they plan to use Drupal features module. I am giving few useful steps which will help you to create your own features. 

Features can be anything. A view, block, menus or content type etc.

You must be thinking that what is the actual use of features module. So I will a small example for your clarification.

For example you create a complex view in your local Drupal instance. Now you want to use the same view in development server or in some other server, than how will you do that? You will again create thw same complex view again in development server. Personally I would not suggest you to do that. Here comes a concept of features.


1. Once you are done with views creation than download features modules from here. Install and enable it. 
2. Go to the Structure->Features->Create Feature. 
3. Give a appropriate name for the view and select your view from drop down list.
4. Now at the end of page, click Download Feature. Once you download it, it will come as rar file which contains a module.
5. Next steps is to create one folder called features inside sites/all/modules folder so that you can differentiate  between your custom, contrib modules and features.
6. Paste your download feature inside sites/all/modules/features folder. Extract it and now this feature will be available in module list in admin. 
7. Enable this feature and it is ready to use.

Note- These above steps I explained for views example. These steps you can use for content type, blocks, menus etc.

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