How to install drush command line utility on Windows?

Installing Drush command line on Windows is very easy but sometimes it gives these errors such as
"Drush is recognized as internal or external command" Or "Php is not recognized by Drush"

In this situation please follow these steps to setup Drush perfectly on your Machine.

Step 1-
Download the drush from here, unzip it and copy paste it in c drive.

Step 2-
Install the following software's in default c: drive:-
gzip-1.3.12-1-setup(from here)
libarchive-2.4.12-1-setup(from here)
tar-1.13-1-bin(from here)
wget-1.11.4-1-setup(from here)

Step 3-
Download Drush Installer msi file from here
and Install.

Step 4-
Set the environment variable for drush and php location.
1. Go to my computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables.
2. Edit the existing path and paste the following code at the end
   For wamp server -

   For xampp server -
  ;C:\xampp\php;C:\drush;C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin;

Step 5-
Start the drush command line interface and type following command:-
>drush status

You following links to execute Drush commands.

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