How to enable clean url in Drupal

There are two ways to enable Clean URLs feature in Drupal.
1. You can navigate to Drupal admin and inside Site Configuration, click on Clean URLs.
    Enable radio button and click Save Configuration.

2. This way of enabling Clean URLs is most important. Because sometimes after installing new Drupal instance, By    default Clean URLs feature will not work. To enable it, follow these steps.        
  • Go to the Apache configuration file in following path:-                                                                      C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.2.11\conf  //change the path according to your working directory
  •  Now open httpd.conf file. Search for keyword and enable the same line by removing # in front of that. 
  • Restart Apache server and now again navigate to clean url in Drupal admin, You will see that clean url feature is enable now. You can enable radio button and Save Configuration.

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